Chatbot for conferences and other events

A new way of interacting with your audience

• How to make sure people don't get lost at a multi-panel conference and end up missing great talks?

• How do you get substantive feedback from participants on your speakers, talks and organization?

• How do you help participants connect with each other and keep in touch?

• How do you immediately notify people about program changes, sponsored events and sweepstakes?

What you get
An easy-to-use agenda
Shows the program with the synopses of speeches. No more leaflets – the schedule is always available on your phone.
Personalized schedules
Participants can add presentations to the favorites and set up their own schedules. The bot will send an alert before the presentation starts so the participant won't miss it.
Communication with attendees
Reach out to all participants – no need for stage announcements. A sponsor is raffling off prizes on their stand? Let everyone know about it!
No more paper questionnaires. Collect prompt feedback, evaluating speakers and presentations, conducting surveys. Instant results.
High audience engagement
Bots are the in thing now. More than 60% of participants use ConfBot.
"Tinder" for networking. The bot matches you with interesting people and connects you right in messenger.
Easily solves organizational issues, including the loss of items, changes in the schedule, the sharing of slide links, etc.
Collect more feedback, assessing speeches and running surveys. No need for paper questionnaires or Google forms, which few people ever even complete.
Get sponsors in the spotlight
Promote sweepstakes, what's going on at stands and special events, without interfering with the streaming from the stage.
This is a ready-to-use channel to promote future events: just send an announcement to your audience.
Members' testimonials
Python Developer
This bot is fantastic. It's easy to follow personalized notifications.
Ruby Developer
#railsclub is in 2 days! While we're waiting, the guys have made a terrific bot for Telegram.
Python Developer
Your bot thing is a smashing success! I now show it to all friends and colleagues, adding "That's how it should be done!" Everyone likes it.
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Topped the competition of 1,000 entries
TOP 10 teams in Global Mobile Challenge

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